‘Living a life of authenticity takes courage’


‘Living a life of authenticity takes courage’


The Courage Journal

The Courage Journal is a fantastic adjunct to the Courage Unravelled podcast stories and will get you motivated to want to start flexing your own courage muscle. Grab your very own or buy one as a gift – or why not do both!  Buy The Courage Journal $35 + postage or Buy The Courage Journal and Greeting Cards.

Along with the Courage Unravelled podcasts, the Courage Journal will keep you focussed on cultivating your courage muscle for at least 12 months.  Challenge and strengthen your courage muscle in positive ways.

Here’s a video sneak peak inside the Courage Journal.

How to use the Courage Journal

You are provided with 14 statements and activities. Each one takes approximately one month to complete. This could mean writing about things, reflecting, making decisions and acting on what you have written.

There is no order as to where to begin. Simply select a statement and task that captures your attention.

The Courage Journal is a companion to the Courage Unravelled podcast series. I encourage you to listen to the episodes, write in the journal and undertake the activities set within.

Wishing you a wonderful and courageous 12 months ahead.

Sana Turnock

Where else can I buy The Courage Journal?

For bulk orders please contact the publisher Book Reality or email them.



Courage Unravelled

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