'It takes courage to be visible'


'It takes courage to be visible'




‘Sana inspired attendees with her raw and honest keynote on cultivating courage and finding strength in adversity at our recent Margaret River International Women’s Day brunch. By incorporating her lived experiences and personal journey with professional research Sana created connection and trust with the audience, creating space for meaningful conversations following the presentation. Sana is a natural communicator and delivered difficult subject matter with calm confidence. We had fantastic event feedback and we look forward to having Sana present at future events.’

Annie McFie

CEO, Margaret River Chamber of Commerce & Industry


I’ve had so many people comment on the value they received from listening to your Story, which in turn gives them ‘hope’ to use their voice, surrender and not give up.  We thank you for your extreme generosity and the ‘pearls’ you shared with us.

Sue Evans

CANsurvive Support Group


Sana is a creative, intelligent and dedicated coach. She has a way of zoning into what is really important and drawing out interesting ways of achieving positive outcomes. She helps to set clear and realistic goals and is very patient throughout the coaching journey.

Nikki Griffiths MBA

Business Advisor at IPS Management Consultants


When Sana invited me to take part in her Courage Unravelled podcast series I was excited, but unsure how I’d be able to contribute. Our paths had crossed a few times over the years & so I knew that any questions Sana asked me would be carefully crafted to take me, the interviewee, deeper & expose the listener to areas of life they may not have considered before. That, in itself, would take courage! I needn’t have worried…Sana listens deeply & has a warm, infectious sense of humour that put me at ease. Until this interview, I hadn’t given much credit to the deep well of courage we are all capable of nurturing when we face a challenge. Sana’s questions maintained the focus & direction of the topic unveiling the link between my strengthening resilience, growing understanding & the courage it takes to tread a path in society that few choose to tread.

Karen Crutchlow

Educator & Cancer Wellness Coach, Wellness Unwrapped

A strategic and positive map that gently guides individuals in their journey forward – balancing an awareness of historical narratives with joy and excitement of opportunities and possibilities…when one lets one’s imagination and courage take charge. Courage connects… fear divides – this book honours such a sentiment.

Dr Kelly Botha (AFAIM)

Clinical Psychologist, Performance Psychology

I have only just commenced working with the exercises in Sana’s Courage Journal and already feel like I am finding more courage in my life. The statements provide a launching pad for my reflective writing and I have been inspired by others listening to the companion podcast. I am looking forward to my courage journey over the next year.

Nicky Smith

True Equanimity Yoga

Sana and her podcast are a true buried gem in this world full of voices. She is uncovering stories that must be told and need to be heard. Hers is a voice I want as I go for a run, drive in my car and lay in bed at night.

Carly Israel

Author, podcaster, divorce coach

Privileged to have been an interviewee but also a listener. These podcasts are the easiest way to practice gratitude for the life you have and a great leveller when you think things aren’t going your way. Sana has a talent for bringing out the stories in people and her voice was made for this work. Keep it up Sana!

Lisa Smith

Director, Blow Your Own Mind

Courageous Conversations to “Flex our Courage Muscle” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Sana’s conversations are insightful and inspiring. She puts her guests at ease, making it for a safe environment to share and be vulnerable. Listen to these relatable stories, open your heart and mind, you’re here for a treat of going to places not many have the courage to visit.


The strength of storytelling 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I am really enjoying this Courage unraveled podcast! Hearing real and honest stories is always enlightening (also nice that its Aussie based). This podcast is perfect timing for 2020 and really makes me realise how courage plays a huge role in happiness, success, healing and a healthy wellbeing. Listening to Sana and her guests has got me very motivated for the second half of what has been a year of mayhem for all.


Resilience Building 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I have been inspired and motivated by listening to these conversations and stories of people demonstrating courage and resilience. It has been heart opening and positive in these challenging times. Consider purchasing the companion “Courage Journal” to challenge and express yourself as you listen to the podcast episodes. Hoping 12 months of exploring courage might support my own positive transformation. Thank you Sana.


‘Courage Unravelled’ bares witness to the importance of hearing others stories so that we do not feel so alone and isolated from our past ’stuff.

There are many podcasts available however for me, the local and real stories of people across sector groups, connects me to the realness that Sana so eloquently offers.

Julie Broad

Practitioner, The Brain Trainer

Sana is a great coach to many small businesses in the South West. Her ability to connect with people and facilitate their personal growth is a real asset.

Claire Anderson

Human Resources Specialist

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Keep in the loop with subscriber news, events and subscriber only specials. Sign up and also get a FREE excerpt of the Courage Journal to help you get started on building a courage mindset.

Keep in the loop with subscriber news, events and subscriber only specials. Sign up and also get a FREE excerpt of the Courage Journal to help you get started on building a courage mindset.