‘Courage helps you GROW’


‘Courage helps you GROW’


Courage Mindset Coach

Courage mindset coach for business and life

Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

Are anxiety and stress keeping you stuck?

Are you where you want to be when it comes to your finances, health, relationships, career or business?

Sana Turnock

If you’re feeling stuck and need to make positive changes in your life, I can help

I’ll support you with a personalised Courage Coaching program. I’ll draw upon my extensive experience as a business owner, business advisor, and holistic health practitioner so you can:

  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Take control of your mental and physical health
  • Welcome vulnerability to grow a sense of connection
  • Find balance between your personal and business life
  • Set boundaries to give you the confidence to say “No”
  • Rediscover the inner courage and wisdom you’ve had all along
  • Build confidence by challenging the negative beliefs you have about yourself
  • Identify mental blocks that are holding you back and find ways to overcome them
  • Find clarity and direction so you can create a successful life and business with laser focus
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude to improve your health, deal with adversity and build stronger relationships

Ready to cultivate and flex your courage muscle?

Sana Turnock

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

As an experienced facilitator speaker, I’ll inspire your audience with compelling stories. Furthermore, I’ll present actionable steps to making positive change.

Topics I talk about:

  • Starting a podcast: from daunting to daring
  • Changing careers in your 40s (again!) 
  • It’s raining resilience: What childhood trauma taught me
  • Cultivate your courage muscle 
  • Use your voice and become more visible
  • Being courageous in business 
  • Health challenges and the gift of resilience
  • My podcast ate my dinner (!!!)
  • The courage to be visible in business

Could I enhance your event?

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