The Courage Journal


A self-help journal to cultivate and flex your courage muscle

Find clarity and your most courageous self with this empowering journal. The perfect companion to the Courage Unravelled Podcast.

In this beautiful journal, you will find:

  • Guided activities over 14 months to uplift and inspire you to grow and flex your courage muscle.
  • Courage-inspiring quotes: every month features a quote or affirmation
  • 150 pages of acid-free FSC certified paper
  • Dimensions: 6×9″ Hardcover

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“A strategic and positive map that gently guides individuals in their journey forward – balancing an awareness of historical narratives with joy and excitement of opportunities and possibilities…when one lets one’s imagination and courage take charge. Courage connects…fear divides – this book honours such a sentiment.”
Dr Kelly Botha (AFAIM)
Clinical Psychologist, Performance Psychology

I have only just commenced working with the exercises in Sana’s Courage Journal and already feel like I am finding more courage in my life. The statements provide a launching pad for my reflective writing and I have been inspired by others listening to the companion podcast. I am looking forward to my courage journey over the next year.
Nicky Smith
True Equanimity Yoga

“You grow by being courageous” – Sana Turnock Whether it is about how you want to live your life, how you want to be an amazing business person or how you want to be more adventurous, or all three. This is your place to do it. This is a task-based journal with exercises for you to focus on and that will help you explore, strengthen and flex your ‘courage muscle’. The aim is to keep writing and stay focussed for at least 12 months on the theme of courage so that you really strengthen your courage muscle. Challenge yourself in positive ways. Find the courage to confront the dark parts of yourself with kindness and compassion, for it takes courage to surrender your circumstances to the Universe, to get out of your own way, to change. And sometimes, courage is all you have.


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