'It takes courage to change and sometimes courage is all you have'


'It takes courage to change and sometimes courage is all you have'


Courage Unravelled bares witness to the importance of hearing others stories so that we do not feel so alone and isolated from our past stuff.

There are many podcasts available however for me, the local and real stories of people across sector groups, connects me to the realness that Sana so eloquently offers.

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Courage Unravelled Podcast

with Sana Turnock

The Courage Unravelled Podcast brings you stories of everyday people achieving extraordinary things with grit, compassion and courage. 

Tune in as I interview different courage crusaders where we talk about their fear-to-breakthrough journeys. All served with generous dollops of courage.

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Series 5 – Rural Heroines

Coming soon

Libby Finlayson
S5 Ep25. Libby Finlayson – Rural Divorce: The Gift of a Stronger You

Libby Finlayson grew up rurally and on stations during her childhood and eventually got married to a farmer. She loved her life. She was on acreage, worked the land and with animals, got to ride horses all the time and began a family with her husband on the land. One day, it all changed. She was given unexpected news. Her husband no longer wanted to be married – to her.

Libby’s whole world was rocked. The farming and community life she adored was no more.

Find out how Libby changed her life and used deep emotional pain as fuel to help others in a way that would never have happened if she was still married.

Note, in this interview you may hear a dog barking from time to time. Allow it to be part of the rural ambiance.

Time: 33.45min

We talk about:

  • Station life
  • Hardship
  • Having a governess growing up
  • Being a solo adventurer
  • Being among station cowboys
  • Getting down and dirty mustering, scruffing & castrating!
  • The farm life
  • Married with kids
  • Marriage break up and the aftermath
  • Leaving behind the dream life
  • Rebuilding
  • Anger, grief and finding inner strength
  • The rollercoaster ride of emotions
  • City vs rural divorce. Is there a difference?
  • Single parenting
  • A new calling
  • Health and divorce coaching
  • Habit and the ability to change
  • Libby’s mum and the women of her generation being courageous heroines
  • Courage
  • Turning adversity into a blessing

Contact Libby:
Website: libfinlifestyle.com.au
IG @libfinlifestyle, @beyonddivorcecoach
FB Libfinlifestyle

Interview: Sana Turnock
Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock
Audio mastering: Woods Media Lab
Copyright-free music credits:
Liquid time – Aakash Ghandi, Eternal garden – Dan Henig

Amanda Campbell
S5 Ep 26. Jane Smith – Indigenous Adoption in a Remote Landscape

Ever wondered what it would be like to foster a child in the middle of nowhere? Jane Smith (not her real name) lives on a station somewhere in Australia on 1 million acres of land.

Jane was studying to be a doctor and during her training she did a few units on indigenous affairs and thought she had it all covered when she and her husband decided to adopt two indigenous children.

Little did she realise she was going to go on a roller coaster ride that would involve intergenerational trauma and all the behaviours that came with it.

Jane wanted to share this story so that people would get a real insight into the joys and challenges of adoption. She shares her fears and being humbled by the personal and spiritual growth she has experienced since adopting two indigenous children.

Jane also provides some insight into being a white woman who moves between a white world and indigenous culture because she wants her adopted children to never forget their indigenous heritage.

I invite you to listen to Jane’s experience.

A couple of things about the interview:

  • No indigenous names are mentioned in this story
  • If you find this story triggering at any point please stop listening and seek the advice of an appropriate health professional.

Time: 35.10 min

We talk about:

  • Living remotely
  • Station life
  • Social issues and isolated rural community living
  • Indigenous fostering and adoption
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Indigenous spirituality
  • Effects of childhood trauma
  • Taking care of a traumatised child
  • Living in a blended culture
  • The outcome of killing a dog (by accident)
  • Courage

Interview: Sana Turnock
Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock
Audio mastering: Woods Media Lab
Copyright-free music credits:
Knowpe – Noir Et Blanc Vie, Eternal Garden – Dan Henig

Melia Brent-White
S5. Ep27 – Melia Brent-White – The Winemaker who Became a Body Talker

Meet Melia Brent-White. A past winemaker who gained minor celebrity status in the 2000s. Find out why she decided to radically change direction and leave the wine industry and the family legacy.

The decision meant setting out on her own courageous path. A path that would take Melia towards Body Talk – an energetic-type therapy that enables Melia to communicate with the body to help it heal itself.

Growing up rurally and being a bush kid Melia never lost connection with the land.

We talk wine, body talk, land management, horses, health challenges and Melia’s vision. Take a listen.

Time: 39.45 min

We talk about:

  • Growing up on the land in the South West of Western Australia
  • Being a winemaker
  • Being part of the family legacy
  • Burn out and health complications
  • Being a star – a female farmer on TV. Who will she marry?
  • Finding love away from the spotlight
  • Finding a new path
  • Body Talk – what is it exactly?
  • The healing power of horses
  • The earth wants healing
  • Land intelligence and land ownership (the white fella way)
  • Healing through holism
  • Our individual connection to the land. What does it mean?
  • Melia’s courageous hero – Charles Massey
  • Melia’s vision for her own future
  • The heart of a lion

Contact Melia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InnerEquilibrium/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inner_equilibrium_melia/

Interview: Sana Turnock
Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock
Audio mastering: Woods Media Lab
Copyright-free music credits:
Pink Sunrise – The Great North South Society, Playdate – The Great North South Society

Peta Goodwin
Steph Schmidt
Tori Kopke

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Podcast Reviews

The strength of storytelling 

I am really enjoying this Courage unraveled podcast! Hearing real and honest stories is always enlightening (also nice that its Aussie based). This podcast is perfect timing for 2020 and really makes me realise how courage plays a huge role in happiness, success, healing and a healthy wellbeing. Listening to Sana and her guests has got me very motivated for the second half of what has been a year of mayhem for all.


So inspirational 

I just finished listening to Karen Crutchlow’s courageous story and I can’t wait to listen to all the others. I want more…. thank you so much.



It is inspiring to hear the stories from the heart.

Nicola 2170

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