'It takes courage to grow'


'It takes courage to grow'


Courage Unravelled Podcast Interview Information

Thank you for showing interest in wanting to be part of Courage Unravelled, a podcast series set to inspire, educate, provide insights and nourish the inner courage of the listener. Before completing the form, have a listen to one or two episodes to understand my approach and interview style. If you like what you hear please feel free to leave a five star review on Google (link is available within the podcast section of the website)

Completing this form indicates you are willing to share a true story about adversity or big challenge/s and how you got through it. If you have a business, it may be mentioned or referred to but it is not a platform to actively market your product or service. Being interviewed for this podcast series is about sharing a human experience (of intentional or retrospective courage) with the intention of contribution and making a difference.

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Podcast Interview Release Form

To move to the interview stage, this interview release form is to be read and the box ticked.

If the interview is used for the Courage Unravelled series, I hereby consent Sana Turnock of Courage Unravelled to the use (full or in part) of all audio recordings taken of me and/or written extraction, in whole or part, of such recordings or musical performance for the purpose of broadcast, promotion, blogs, articles, written publication and/or distribution in any manner and that will not cause harm to either party for an ongoing time period. I understand that financial payment will not be provided.

I permit Sana Turnock of Courage Unravelled to use my name, selected image/s, biography and likeness in connection with the interview and Courage Unravelled program in all its forms.

I understand that, as the producer of the program, Sana Turnock owns full copyright of all the recorded material and complete access to the promotional photo and I am free to also use the recording/interview in its entirety for promotional purposes on distribution channels such as social media platforms, LinkedIn, website, articles, blogs or vlogs once the interview has been shared on Courage Unravelled.

I understand I will receive a complete (edited and/or mastered) version of my episode once it is ready to air publicly but not beforehand. I won’t receive any draft versions.

I acknowledge and understand that Sana Turnock offers the opportunity for me to share my story and perspective. Sana’s intention is to do her best to provide an accurate reflection of my perspective. I will refrain from making unfair/inappropriate criticisms or statements which may damage the brand or show.

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