‘Courage helps you GROW’


‘Courage helps you GROW’

Sana Turnock

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Organising an event and want someone who can help entertain and inspire your audience into action? Let me share my journey through stories of grit, courage and resilience and actionable steps towards positive change. As an experienced facilitator and speaker, I would love to enhance your event with one of my courage mindset keynote topics.

Topics I talk about:

  • Starting a podcast: from daunting to determination to daring to diagnosis
  • Your voice matters. Your story matters
  • Being courageous in business
  • The power of the mind is an amazing gift
  • Autism, the gift of difference

Contact Sana to discuss enhancing your event whether it be in person within Australia or online.

Starting a podcast: from daunting to determination to daring to diagnosis

Find out how Sana went from being a tech-phobe, to podcaster of Courage Unravelled and a business award finalist in FIVE categories. All in 15 months. This is a keynote about grit, moving through personal fears, breaking down perfectionism, determination and success on her terms. Let your audience gain insight into how someone’s obsession and letting go of perfection have their own rewards. Sana wants you to be inspired into action and success – on your terms.

Your Voice Matters. Your Story Matters

Sana takes you on her courage journey of starting the podcast Courage Unravelled and how along the way, she found her voice. Since then Sana has worked with people to help them find theirs. This is for audiences who want to understand how stories can heal us and act as medicine for ourselves and others.

Being courageous in business

Sana takes you on her journey of starting something she never ever contemplated until 2019, especially as she is a self-confessed tech-phobe. An online podcasting course took Sana on a ride she never ever considered before. Why would she? She’s a tech-phobe right? It’s amazing when you step into your fear and conquer it, just how liberating and transforming it can be.

The Power of the Mind is an Amazing Gift

We all have health setbacks from time-to-time. Some more than others. Sana walks you through her hallway of what it’s like to have a body breakdown, to heal and recover. The power of the mind is truly an amazing gift. Grit, resilience and strength are part of this keynote. Sana shares this story for many reasons. She wants people to act on the signals their body is giving them before it’s too late and understand the gifts illness can bring. Beneficial for an audience of business owners and entrepreneurs and employers who want the best for their employees.

Autism, the Gift of Difference

What’s it like to be diagnosed late in life with autism? Not fully on the spectrum but enough on the spectrum to know that some things don’t make sense when they should, sometimes the dots don’t seem to join and close relationships can be really challenging. Sana shares some of her challenges and how they can be viewed as gifts in the workplace, in business and the home. Great learning for businesses wanting to learn about and embrace inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

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