‘Courage helps you GROW’


‘Courage helps you GROW’

Courage Journal by Sana Turnock

Sana Turnock has created the Courage Journal to build clarity, confidence and cultivate a courage mindset in business (and life!).

Find clarity, confidence and your most courageous self through activities and statements set to make you reflect, practice and action your way to a courage mindset. The Courage Journal by Sana Turnock makes a perfect companion to the Courage Unravelled Podcast. Take yourself on a personal courage journey over the next 12 to 14 months. There’s is no rush here. Take small daily actions to help you build clarity and confidence while strengthening your courage muscle. Do this on a daily basis and watch how you improve in business and life.

Inside this beautifully crafted journal you will find:

  • Activities and statements I have personally used and actioned to help build my courage mindset in business and life. I now share them with you.
  • Guided activities to take you on your own courage mindset journey for up to 14 months.
  • Courage-inspiring quotes:  Quotes and affirmations can be found inside the Journal to uplift and inspire you to grow and flex your courage muscle
  • Quality paper to write on
  • Dimensions: 6×9″ Hardcover

I have only just commenced working with the exercises of Sana’s Courage Journal and already feel like I am finding more courage in my life.

The statements provide a launching pad for my reflective writing and I have been inspired by others listening to the companion podcast.

I am looking forward to my courage journey over the next year.

Nicky Smith

True Equanimity Yoga

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