'It takes courage to believe in yourself when no-one else does'


'It takes courage to believe in yourself when no-one else does'

Sana Turnock

Courage Mindset Facilitator

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Sana Turnock


I’m here to help you go from dis-couraged to being confident and clear in your business direction

I’m a courage mindset facilitator and trainer, courage mindset speaker, keeper of personal stories and podcast host of Courage Unravelled. Whether it’s facilitating, public speaking or helping people shape their story of courage, I guide, support, share, mentor and facilitate in a way that fosters confidence, inner strength, self belief and resilience in others.

Through my personal experiences, I recognise that sometimes situations force us into courage. We have no choice but to find it and turn it on. I have been privileged to work with thousands of individuals in business and know the importance of finding the inner strength – the courage within. I help people access that and by doing so help people reach their personal and professional goals.

My points of difference:

  1. With 20 years’ experience as a holistic practitioner, when you choose to work with me, we create a holistic approach to business. This includes family and selfcare.
  2. I know that success in business comes from more than just a good business plan, sales and the right marketing strategy. It’s psychology. It’s mindset.  And sometimes this needs to change.
  3. I invite high performing women diagnosed on the autism spectrum to work with me as I totally understand the complexity of autism neurodivergence.
Top takeaway

Courage provides the opportunity to grow, define success and achieve it on your own terms while working on and maintaining your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It also means you may have to do some things alone. And that’s ok.

Courage Unravelled

Forced adversity propelled me to change

It was devastating to see people lose their businesses overnight when COVID hit. I felt helpless.

Launching a motivational podcast was my way of giving back.

It was scary because I wasn’t tech-savvy.

But I confronted my fears and have now produced a library of 30 inspiring podcast stories featuring people from all walks of life who share their stories of courage, resilience and grit in the face of adversity.

And guess what? Courage Unravelled was nominated for FIVE business awards in less than 15 months of operating! Who would have thought?

When it comes to growing my courage muscle, I walk the talk.

Top takeaway

Leaning into discomfort and moving through fear is not easy – and can be scary.  I know, that’s why I’m here to help you as a Courage Mindset Facilitator. Watch what happens when you take back control of your direction with courage, confidence and clarity!

Balanced Rocks by Sana Turnock

I’ve turned adversity into resilience

I was born and raised in Australia by strict working-class Macedonian parents. I grew up living in two worlds, having to switch cultural identities between home and school.

Witnessing family violence throughout my childhood and experiencing bullying as a young person meant that I learned tolerance, compassion and grit at an early age.

These experiences set me on a path of self-healing. Early adversity empowered me with resilience.

Top takeaway

Growth. I see my adversity as a gift as it gave me the resilience to stay in my natural therapy business and remain steadfast during the tough lean months and years. I can now help you turn your challenges into growth opportunities all the while remaining compassionate towards yourself.

I’ve turned adversity into strength

I’ve welcomed the discomfort and challenge of travelling solo: I’ve hiked along the Portuguese coast and traversed parts of the Northern Territory desert.
Backpacking in India and Europe improved my understanding of different cultures.

Top Takeaway

Travelling the world opens you up to meeting and communicating with people from all walks of life AND tests your ability to overcome obstacles. A culturally sensitive guide can turn your challenge into a great adventure.

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Courage Journal

The Courage Journal

A self-reflection tool to help you cultivate courage, clarity, confidence AND a growth mindset.

Courage Unravelled Podcast

Courage Unravelled Podcast

Tune in to get inspired by stories of courage and resilience from people of all walks of life.

Professional Credentials

Master of Education (Adult learning)
Post Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Education
BA in Communication Studies
Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine
Diplomas in Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage
Diploma Professional Writing
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)
Advanced practitioner certification in Bush Flower Essences
Reiki master qualification in the Usui system of natural healing
Mental Health First Aid Training

Let’s get personal

I get inspired by beauty.

I’ve hitch-hiked. A thrilling experience but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I almost became a Buddhist nun at the age of 19.

Courage Journal

I’m a published author.

Alone time in nature balances and re-energises me.

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