Recently I completed an intense 12-week program on creating an experience product and then marketing it to your audience.

Developing the product was highly enjoyable. My creative juices were flowing and I put together, what I believe, is a really good program on Minding your Mindset in Business. It’s essentially about building a growth mindset in business using courage as the framework. I’m rather excited about it.

It then got to the point of marketing the program. The theory was provided and despite following the suggestions nothing eventuated. People expressed interest but nothing further.

This is where the mind gremlins decided to step in and try and negate my hard efforts, skills and expertise through attempted negative self-talk. You know, things relating to not being good enough and is the price too high? My confidence waned as I heard nothing back from those who initially expressed interest. I hit a wall of flatness for the next 24 hours. I regularly find myself in this position when I want to promote something. It’s an identified pattern.

I jumped online, sent a message to the coach and told them what I was going through. Her comment was ‘Sana, most of the participants (on the pod call) are going through this right now.’

I checked out the Facebook group. There were many who had posted and were really struggling to market their product. I wasn’t alone. It made me feel better.

While nothing changed as far as sales went, I picked myself up and reframed my thoughts. My program is worth the price, I’m skilled at what I do and have worked with thousands of people in small business. Yes, I am good enough. How did I even allow that gremlin to creep back in?

It made me think of the survey results that came in recently about women who wanted to start a business but struggled with certain issues including beliefs around money, general self belief, imposter syndrome and being visible.

Guess what? Those issues can still be with you throughout the business journey unless you work to eliminate or manage them. I remember going to a business-women’s leadership symposium in 2019 where the likes of ABC Chair Ita Buttrose were part of the speaking line up. ALL the women spoke about not being good enough in some way. These women range from their 40s to 70 plus and highly successful and skilled at what they do. The gremlin mindset mindfu@kers continue to test us throughout our (business) lives but it’s up to us to do something about it because if we don’t, we simply won’t reach our potential.

I’ve worked on limiting beliefs for 20+ years.  Some have been eliminated while others are manageable as I am able to turn the volume down on those gremlins who like to surprise me by appearing from time to time. Mostly when I least expect it. This is an ongoing process (for most of us) and part of the human experience.

It takes courage to work on mindset (whether it be for business or life) because it means you are inviting change into your life. Some people are very uncomfortable with change as it can get messy in the middle before it gets better, and you see transformation. Transformation can be big or small and ongoing.

I was really happy with myself that I was able to shift my mindset in the way that I did. Previously I would sit with the gremlins for days or weeks. But not anymore.

Life is too short to allow the negative mindset to reside in the mind and in business I see too many small business owners pull the pin because they are not able to stick it out. Being in business is a ride. Sometimes a roller coaster ride. Great highs and crappy lows. The right mindset will help you navigate choppy seas to see many golden sunsets.


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