I began Courage Unravelled as a podcaster but now my work has evolved into three main areas: keynote speaking, capturing people’s stories of courage, and courage mindset.

In this blog I want to share how living life through a courage mindset brings you many gifts and helps facilitate growth and positive change. Once you decide to live life this way it will transform how you navigate business, the workplace and life in general.

Courage is a word that seems to be trending right now. I thank researcher Brene Brown for giving it a platform.

The notion of courage as a character strength came into my radar in 2014 when studying for my Master of (Adult) Education. I studied positive psychology as part of the Master program and that was it. I haven’t looked back. What’s so special about courage, I hear you ask.

You see, once you focus on a courage mindset you are blessing yourself with one of the best gifts you can give yourself in life. You open up the doors of strength, resilience, integrity, growth, grit, confidence and self belief.  You learn to lean into discomfort more often and move through fear better.  Grit (persistence) becomes part of your life as it teaches you to persevere when things get tough. You have the courage to continue when there are obstacles. This in turn, builds strength. The resilience comes from encountering adversity on a number of occasions and  you learn how to navigate through that. You will learn to identify when to continue and when to stop. Sometimes, it takes courage to pull back as it is the wisest move. You see it but others don’t. Courage teaches you to trust yourself.

To remain kind and vulnerable especially when people want to take advantage of you or perceive such traits as weakness – takes courage. You may find people identify courage with audacity and boldness. Boldness is courageous if you are afraid to ‘speak up’ or ‘be visible’ in the first instance.

Like anything, the more you focus your attention on something and start to live and breathe it, things start to change. To change requires courage and a lot of people choose not to change because it can be hard. Courage asks you to turn off Netflix, get off the couch and start doing things outside your own comfort zone. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, right? Think about what you want to do. If it’s a monumental goal, you work towards it incrementally. This is how you start to build your courage muscle. You train, like going to the gym.

I’ve had plenty of adversity in my life. Childhood was difficult, school life was tricky dealing with bullies and I’ve had a number of health challenges. It wasn’t until I was talking to my GP that they said to me how resilient I was. I had never considered this before and by this stage I was in my late 40s. It’s only in hindsight that I understand the courage I needed (and didn’t realise I had) to keep going. By doing so, I built my inner strength, grit and resilience.

As a professional I facilitate, train, educate, advise, guide, mentor and develop programs to help people grow personally and professionally. My expertise lies in natural therapies, health and wellness and business development. I spent many years consulting, in clinical practice and education.  I bring all of the above skill sets, lived experience as well as research when working with people individually or in small groups.  I share stories so that you understand and know I have walked the path of courage too. Walking my talk is very important and I want you to know that.

I fully understand that it may seem scary to undertake such a program where it means building your courage muscle to make change happen. I invite you to look at it as an adventure – into yourself.  When you decide to put your trust in me as a courage mindset facilitator we work together and take a deep dive into the world of courage.  We explore what it is and isn’t and what it means to you. Typical areas we explore include not being good enough, money mindset, self belief, grit and resilience, perfectionism and the importance creativity can play in courage.

In the program you start to grow your courage muscle by doing activities relating to courage, consistently over time. And you don’t stop if you want to create a courage mindset and make change become transformative. You keep going. I train you in a group environment as well as offer one-to-one sessions during the program. There is a face-to-face group work option (close to where I live) as well as an online option.

Building your courage muscle to create a courage mindset is about self-development. Whatever reason you choose to develop a courage mindset will spill into other areas of life. Work, business, and the relationship you have with yourself. When we work together it’s important for there to be synergy and connection. My role is to train, support and guide you during your immersion into courage. I guide you through activities and reflections. You need to practice and activate by doing, reflecting and being. You also share to learn and commit – so that you grow.

I have an holistic approach as a courage mindset facilitator. This means I take into consideration mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of the human condition and the world around you. This comes naturally to me. After all I was in therapeutic practice for 20 years. I am practical, down to earth, direct-ish, honest, enthusiastic, creative, kind and compassionate. My teaching style encompasses these attributes along with being open, relaxed and passionate.

It takes commitment for both of us to work together so that you build a courage mindset to make positive change happen. I am willing, as long as you are. Health, small business, work-related areas and building a positive relationship with yourself are where my skillsets lie.

Ready to be courageous and invite positive change into your life? Check out the link below and reach out.

Programs on offer:

  • Mind your mindset in business – one-to-one online program
  • Courage (growth) mindset sessions – in blocks of three

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Sana Turnock