I am a big believer that courage is a muscle that requires training, just like going to the gym. Success happens when you undertake steady and consistent efforts in tackling small challenges. This helps build solid foundations for when bigger challenges arise.

The more you do things that take courage and help you work through or manage fear the more you can feel confident in tackling challenges that come your way. I am not suggesting go and do a bungy jump if you have no interest in doing it.  If you want to do it however, don’t let fear get in the way. If the bungy jump is too big a challenge right now start with something less challenging but which requires you to stretch yourself. Achieving a challenge makes you feel confident and good about yourself.

I recently went rock climbing and abseiling for the first time. There was one time when I was climbing when I felt physically and psychologically stuck.  I couldn’t find a foot hold or the strength to lift a back leg so that my heel could lean against the rock behind me so that I could support myself. It seemed like hours that I was stuck (it was maybe 10 minutes). I was hooked up and tied in nicely so was safe but still the fear and stuck-ness still crept in. I simply knew I had to get myself out of this psychological funk so that I could move forward. For some people, the abseil and rock climb would have been easy-peasy but for me it was a challenge I wanted and was ready to face. I was so glad to have done it. As a result of doing it I would like to do so again with the right professional instructor. Finding an excellent practitioner in this field (like any) is super important especially as with abseiling and rock climbing your life can literally hang in the balance!

Here’s a tip – Don’t look down when you first start to abseil down a cliff face.