A growth mindset brings confidence, strength and resilience

I empower women to become clear and confident on their business or life journey 

By fostering courage.

Sana Turnock
Sana Turnock

A growth mindset brings confidence, strength and resilience

I empower women to become clear and confident on their business or life journey 

By fostering courage.


Let me help you cultivate confidence and clarity in business or life

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Building a growth mindset improves confidence and self belief

And comes from regularly activating your courage muscle at work, in business and everyday life.

Don’t let bullying, self doubt, imposter syndrome, negative beliefs around money, your past or other people’s action discourage you from success

– on your terms.

Let’s work together to help you navigate your direction

About Sana Turnock

Who I work with

  • Women who want to start a new business feeling confident and empowered through developing a growth mindset.
  • Women already in business but are somehow stuck and want to move from being stuck to a growth mindset.
  • High functioning women on the autism spectrum who want guidance through the business journey.
  • Conference organisers, organisations, groups, agencies or associations who want to give their audience or staff a dose of courage, grit or resilience.

‘Sana has shown me how her enthusiasm and creative flair for bringing the best out in people. Sana dares to be different in her approach, which makes her unique and compelling in her delivery. I see Sana using her vast relationship and educational skills very deliberately to connect people in a meaningful way. It is through this connectedness that Sana makes a real and long-lasting impact on everyone’

Julie Broad

Resilient Business Coach & ADAPT Coach Partner

Coaching and online training programs – How do we connect?

Personalised coaching and online training programs are done via zoom unless other arrangements are made.

About Sana Turnock
Sana Turnock

Hi, I’m Sana Turnock

I’m a courage mindset trainer, keynote speaker, podcaster, writer holistic health advocate and lifelong learner. Over the last few years I’ve worked with a lot of people in small business. In fact, it’s in the thousands. What I’ve noticed is a percentage of women struggle with self belief and confidence. This can play havoc within our minds in so many ways. This havoc is like having gremlins living in your mind. They like to play with you so that you think you’re not good enough or make you believe you have to know exactly what you’re doing before you start something (no room for error allowed!). How about the gremlin who makes you question why would anyone listen to me? I’m just starting out. No-one will be interested in what I have to say. Gremlins test you with scarcity-thinking around money and quash any thoughts about being successful. Any one of these beliefs can stop you from doing what you want to do, like start a business, create a new direction in your life AND be successful on your terms!

I ran a natural therapy business for 20 years and had a lot of those gremlins living in my mind for many years. I had challenges around self worth, self belief, had a scarcity mindset as well as imposter syndrome. It still creeps in from time-to-time.

I knew that to move forward in business and my life I had to toss these gremlins from my mind or at least learn to turn the volume down when the voices got too loud and clogged up good concentration time! It can be hard work and take some time but once you loosen those threads and start to move forward, your confidence grows and so does your self belief.

I didn’t plan on being a courage mindset trainer for career women wanting to change direction and start a business. It happened because life brought me to this point.

I hold a Master of Education, trainer certification and numerous natural therapy qualifications and have been in adult education and training since 2000.  Being a practitioner in health and wellness for 20 years has equipped me with the tools to help you be kind and compassionate toward yourself as you make your way.

Gratitude, meditation, alone-time and stillness are just a few of the tools I use to foster courage, creativity and innovation-thinking – all of which are important in a small business personal development, empowerment, confidence and success.

When I decided to embrace a courage and a growth mindset, my world opened up. I’ve achieved some really great things because of this – like walking the Camino from Portugal to Spain alone and creating my podcast called Courage Unravelled – despite being a tech-phobe. Fast forward 12 months and the Courage Unravelled initiative was nominated for 5 small business awards (Innovation, Rising Star, Emerging Business, Micro-Business & Digital Business). This would not have happened if I had remained in my comfort zone (and a tech-phobe!). These achievements remind me that I can do it and give me confidence to pursue things in business and life I didn’t think were possible.

At 50+ I really appreciate life and what it brings.

I invite you to join me so that you can ignite courage and a growth mindset within yourself. By doing this, you will become empowered and confident as a female business builder and just living life!

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