As a motivational speaker and facilitator

I help people understand how the currency of courage adds value in business and life  

So there is continued business and personal growth.

Sana Turnock
Sana Turnock

As a motivational speaker and facilitator

I help people understand how the currency of courage adds value in business and life

so there is continued business and personal growth.


Cultivate confidence and clarity in a way that serves you in business and life

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Courage builds a growth mindset, strengthens resilience and grit, and improves self confidence

About Sana Turnock

Who I work with

  • Conference organisers, organisations, groups, agencies or associations who want to give their audience or staff a dose of motivational courage, grit or resilience with actionable steps for business and personal growth.
  • Organisations, teams, departments and businesses willing to work and see things differently. I work with you holistically.
  • Motivated employees, managers, CEOs and business owners committed to professional and personal growth, willing to embrace a healthy mind in business, and want to work more holistically in business.
  • Women on the autism spectrum committed to business and personal growth, wanting to embrace a healthy mind in business and want to work more holistically in business.

‘Sana has shown me how her enthusiasm and creative flair for bringing the best out in people. Sana dares to be different in her approach, which makes her unique and compelling in her delivery. I see Sana using her vast relationship and educational skills very deliberately to connect people in a meaningful way. It is through this connectedness that Sana makes a real and long-lasting impact on everyone’

Julie Broad

Resilient Business Coach & ADAPT Coach Partner

Programs – How do we connect?

One-to-one programs are done via zoom unless other arrangements are made. Organisational facilitation can be done face-to-face or online depending on needs and program choice.

About Sana Turnock
Sana Turnock

Courage, mindset and holism 

Courage is the quality that activates a growth mindset. Mindset is how you choose to view situations whether they go your way – or not – and can determine an outcome. Holism is the framework I use to determine the health and well being status of an individual or organisation. Together, these three elements are the currency to success in business and life. Money, provides choices and is brilliant to have, but doesn’t make the world go round and doesn’t necessarily make for a prosperous company or person. The gifts courage brings to a business/workplace and life and many and just as valuable as money. If not more. They are  growth, resilience, confidence and clarity. Add mindset and holism into the mix and you have a unique way evolving your business, workplace and yourself at the same time.

If only I understood this when I began my first business in natural therapies. I ran it for 20 years and LOVED it but were plenty of mindset challenges. We all have them but how you view your circumstances can determine whether you succeed in something or not. It takes courage to run a business and stay in business. It also takes courage to know when to walk away from a business.

Hello, my name is Sana Turnock and I’m a motivational keynote speaker and facilitator located in the South West of Western Australia.  I have plenty of experience, stories and skill sets to help you take a different approach to business and life. Over the last few years I’ve worked with a lot of people and small businesses. What I’ve noticed is people focus on the mechanics of the business and finances but don’t pay attention to mindset, the importance of continued growth as a person and how to evolve the business holistically. Working holistically means understanding the health and wellbeing of the business, the workers and the owner/s of the business. If this is not healthy, then there will be gaps in productivity, relationship connectivity and job satisfaction.

With my many years experience as a facilitator, natural therapies practice and business advisor, I invite you, or your organisation to move towards a healthy business mindset so that the heartbeat of the business and all those in it, remain healthy.  . Choose a one-to-one program or group facilitation program.


  • One-to-one facilitation: Book blocks of three or 7 on the subject of A Healthy Mind in Business or specific belief systems you wish to address.
  • Organisations: group facilitation in the area of A Healthy Mind in Business or Mindset and Holism: The currency of business success

Invite courage, a growth mindset and holism into your organisation and within yourself, and move towards the path of success on your terms. I’m here to support you in achieving your goals.


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Resilience Show

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The Thrive Perspective

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