Get inspired and learn the skills you need to

Flex your courage muscle and achieve incredible things

I help individuals and small businesses grow and thrive. With clarity, direction and a whole lot of courage.

Sana Turnock
Sana Turnock

Get inspired and learn the skills you need to

Flex your courage muscle and achieve incredible things

I help individuals and small businesses survive and thrive. With clarity, direction and a whole lot of courage.

Are you feeling anxious about your current situation AND your future?

Are you struggling in your business?

Are you afraid of failure AND success?

Sound like you?

I’m a life and courage mindset coach.

And I’m here to help.

Sana Turnock

Hi, I’m Sana Turnock

As a business owner, I understand the anxiety and struggle of building a successful business. I know how difficult it can be to overcome your fears to grow a thriving business while making sure you’re healthy.

That’s where I come in. 

I’m a life and courage coach, an educator and a business advisor who helps entrepreneurs and business owners lean into their fears to lead a successful life on their own terms.

With the Courage Mindset Program, The Courage Unravelled Podcast and The Courage Journal , you’ll stop thinking that courage is something only a handful of people are born with. You’ll see that courage is a skill – a skill that you can master. 

Befriending your fears isn't as scary as you think

Cultivate courage in 3 simple steps

Courage Journal

The Courage Journal

A self-reflection tool to help you find clarity and the courage to make positive changes.

Courage Unravelled Podcast

Courage Unravelled Podcast

Tune in to get inspired by stories of courage and resilience from people of all walks of life.

Courage Journal

Courage Mindset Program

A program to guide and help you walk through your fears and create the future you want.

When Sana invited me to take part in her Courage Unravelled podcast series I was excited, but unsure how I’d be able to contribute. Our paths had crossed a few times over the years & so I knew that any questions Sana asked me would be carefully crafted to take me, the interviewee, deeper & expose the listener to areas of life they may not have considered before. That, in itself, would take courage! I needn’t have worried…Sana listens deeply & has a warm, infectious sense of humour that put me at ease. Until this interview, I hadn’t given much credit to the deep well of courage we are all capable of nurturing when we face a challenge. Sana’s questions maintained the focus & direction of the topic unveiling the link between my strengthening resilience, growing understanding & the courage it takes to tread a path in society that few choose to tread.

Karen Crutchlow

Educator & Cancer Wellness Coach, Wellness Unwrapped

About Sana Turnock

Could I be the courage mindset coach for you?


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Courage is like a muscle.

The more we use it, the more we strengthen it and become more confident and strong within ourselves.

Sana Turnock

The Courage Journal

The Courage Journal is a fantastic adjunct to the Courage Unravelled podcast stories and will get you motivated to want to start flexing your own courage muscle. Buy The Courage Journal $45 inc postage or Buy The Courage Journal and Greeting Cards.

A strategic and positive map that gently guides individuals in their journey forward – balancing an awareness of historical narratives with joy and excitement of opportunities and possibilities…when one lets one’s imagination and courage take charge. Courage connects…fear divides – this book honours such a sentiment.

Dr Kelly Botha (AFAIM)

Clinical Psychologist, Performance Psychology

I have only just commenced working with the exercises in Sana’s Courage Journal and already feel like I am finding more courage in my life. The statements provide a launching pad for my reflective writing and I have been inspired by others listening to the companion podcast. I am looking forward to my courage journey over the next year.

Nicky Smith

True Equanimity Yoga

Courage Journal by Sana Turnock

Where else can I buy The Courage Journal?

For bulk orders please contact the publisher Book Reality or email them.



In the Media

Resilience Show

Resilience Show

The Art of Surrender and Have Faith and Trust You Will Find Your Courage | Sana Turnock, Courage Mindset Coach, and Speake‪r‬

The Bend Like Bamboo Resilience Podcast

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The Thrive Perspective

The Thrive Perspective

I was interviewed by Rena Romano on The Thrive Perspective in August 2020. Click HERE to listen.

Want to get inspired by stories of courage, resilience and grit?

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